At Bright Sparks, we love inspiring and entertaining your children with our dynamic range of science activities. Whether it is at our term time clubs or holiday camps, the best part of our job is to engage with children and watch them have FUN with science! As experienced activity providers, we have designed a selection of Bright Sparks’ favourite experiments and activities for you to try at home.

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Science Party In a Box

Order your Science Party Kit here 
Choose form 2 exciting themes and add extra sets if you need more!

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Mini Science Kits

From our lab to your door, check out our exciting and fun science discovery kits!

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Bags of Science Kits

Each kit comes with full instructions and a link to an exclusive YouTube video.


Each bag of science comes with full instructions and a link to exclusive YouTube videos, so there’s plenty of help to guide you through the science behind each activity. This is an easy way for your children to continue enjoying science at home.

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Science Party Refills

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