what is a Bright Sparks Science party in a box?

Our Brand new ‘Science Party in a Box’ is just that; everything you need to run an awesome science party in one place (in one box!) featuring time limited access to professionally recorded instructional videos! – so not only is your science party going to be a roaring success, but it’s easy to do and safe too!

Includes everything needed to start the party, right out of the box

saves hours of planning and preparation

Guarantees an experienced entertainer

The perfect blend of Fun Science

No need to find resources or buy items from the supermarket! This ingenious Party in a Box is packed full of quality science equipment and ingredients for a group of 6 children to get hands-on with straight away! (individual kits can be added for additional guests)

Watch exclusive videos of your party entertainer, Nitro-Jen, as she delivers interactive instructions for you to follow along with at home. Her engaging style of delivery provides an explanation of the science behind each demonstration and experiment at just the right level for your child! It’s sure to ignite a spark of passion and inject excitement into the party!

Children are natural scientists. So our Party in a Box allows them to experiment with exciting inventions, enhance critical problem solving skills and have hours of FUN completing the party activities.  All the science experiments have been split up into short, 10-15 minute sections and have been tried and tested by thousands of children – so your children are sure to love it too.  And they’ll have too much fun to even notice that they’re stealthily learning interesting scientific concepts!

what in the Science party in a box?

Our Science ‘Party in a Box’ is full of everything a group of 6 children need to do fun hands-on science experiments. Each Party in a Box activates thinking, questioning, inquiring, and allows children to make their own scientific discoveries. It includes all the supplies needed to complete the activities*, plus an instruction manual, party invitations, party bags, thank you notes AND even a decoration pack to help make your chosen space feel more like a science laboratory!

Select your preferred Science Party theme from our Party in the Box range:

AMazing air Party

Perfect for 5-7 year-olds

Find out how amazing the air around us is, defy gravity, take part in the Bernoulli challenge and get blown away by our air cannon.

Chem-mystery Party

Perfect for 7-9 year-olds

Discover how chemistry is part of our everyday lives and find out the secrets of a chemical reaction, with fizz, pops and bangs!

Our ‘Science Party in a Box’ can be done from the comfort of your own home or garden without the need to hire an expensive venue. No need to book or rely on an unknown entertainer to show up, so you decide when to have the party, at a time to suit you – not when they have availability. 

This product is eco-friendly as it is designed to be re-used and donated to someone else or it can double up as a 2-in-1 science kit AND party bags. Either chose to pass the box to a new user or break the box into individual science sets to provide luxury party bags for the guests, which also become a science lab in a bag!

 We’ve thought about it all to make it easy for you, so we’ve even included a Science Party themed decoration pack! This includes printed party invitations and thank you notes, a science themed happy birthday banner, A4 science lab signs and balloons!

you decide when and where

no need to hire a venue or book an  expensive party entertainer

2-in-1 science kit and party bags

Party stationary and decorations included


How many children is it for?

The box has been put together with the right quantity of equipment for 6 children to complete the awesome Science Party and then take their own equipment home in a party bag. You could however purchase additional individual sets of kits if you were inviting one or two more children.

I want to run a party for 12 or more children. What should I do?

If you are intending for the ‘Party in a Box’ to double up as party bags, we recommend buying additional individual sets of kits for the extra number of children attending so that there is enough equipment for each child to take home.

However, as 6 sets of equipment are provided in each box, the children could work in pairs during the party. The children can work in teams creating some fun competition and added excitement at the party. If you want the children to work in pairs during the party, we strongly recommend purchasing additional pairs of goggles and the refill kit if ordering the Chem-mystery theme. This will provide enough consumable ingredients for all the children to complete all the experiments. Unfortunately, it does mean that there wouldn’t be enough equipment to pack up into 12 party bags, but each of the 12 children would still get to take home slime AND sherbet, AND then you could pass on the ‘Science Party in a Box’ to a friend to reuse at the end of the party.

Will the ‘Science Party In A Box’ have everything I need?

MOST of the equipment you will need is included in the party box. However, you may need a few other common household items, such as scissors, sticky tape, jug of warm water… a short checklist of what else you might need is provide in the box.

But don’t forget you’ll also need a laptop, tablet or other suitable screen to watch the exclusive online videos during the party.

What ages does it work well for?

It’s perfect for children aged 6-11! The Amazing Air theme easy easily accessible for younger children and the Chem-mystery’ is designed for 8 years and over as it involves a certain amount of dexterity.

What’s the difference between the themes?

The ‘Amazing Air’ party is both visually stimulating and physically active which engages the younger age groups well. Children can easily understand the science behind the Air themed experiments and relate their discoveries to their everyday lives. This is a fun filled, energetic party where all children get to levitate balls, race balloon powered cars, design paper-copters, make air cannons, complete a mega balloon challenge, launch rocket balloons, use air pressure to with stacks of opportunities to keep them entertained.

The ‘Chem-mystery’ party explores the four signs of a chemical reaction. Witness colour changes, the production of gas, temperature increases and make something new. Each sign is quickly demonstrated and swiftly moves on to chemical experiments that the children can do for themselves. Children get to make erupting volcanoes, then exploding ones, plus self-inflating balloons and vitamin C rockets, then tongue-tingling sherbet and gooey slime! We usually recommend this party for 8 years and over as it involves measuring accurate quantities of chemicals and a certain amount of dexterity that can be challenging for younger participants.

Do the children get involved or just watch?

Yes, absolutely! The ‘Science Party In A Box’ is all about the children getting hands-on and enjoying doing science! The exclusive online videos with your party entertainer, Nitro-Jen, provides interactive demonstrations and easy to follow instructions for the children to follow along with at home. Her engaging style of delivery provides an age-appropriate level of knowledge to understand how each experiment works. And the experiments she demonstrates are sure to ignite a spark of passion and inject excitement into the party!

What do I need to do?

Not a lot! Just order the box! Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for you. Virtually everything is included for your convenience, including access to three short pre-party videos to give you top tips on how to make the party a roaring success! Nitro-Jen explains everything on the videos and you just need to supervise and help the children where needed. Then kick back and have fun!

Is the ‘Science Party In A Box’ safe?

All the experiments have been developed and used by us in party packages for over 10 years now, so we have the experience and knowledge to perform them easily, safely and with lots of fun. The ‘Science Party in a Box’ is the culmination of years of working with children during holiday camps and parties and has been designed with their favourite activities in mind. We know how to make the science easy to understand and fun for all –  That’s why we call ourselves edu-tainers!

Will the children get to take anything home?

Of course – they take away their very own pot of slime (and if you choose the chem-mystery theme ‘Science Party in a Box’, a pot of sherbet too). If you choose to, you can double up the ‘Science Party in a Box’ and distribute the contents

I’m worried about the mess involved

We’ve just about perfected the art of making science fun without making too much mess! There will be a little bit of mess as the children have fun experimenting but a table cloth has been included. The videos will advise you of the experiments we recommend completing outside, but ‘Science Party in a Box’ has been designed so that the messiest part of your science party is actually the children eating!

How do I get access to the exclusive online videos?

During the purchasing process you will need to create and account on our website. When you place an order with us we will send you an email with all the information needed for what to do next, including your party activation code. There will be a new Party tab that appears in your account and access to a hidden Party information page. On this page you will find the three pre-party videos and information about the experiments you will complete during the party. When you are ready to ACTIVATE the party, you can click the activation button and enter the code provided to you in the email.

When you’re ready, you can activate access to the exclusive science PARTY VIDEOS which will introduce the fun science experiments to the budding scientists and provide step by step instructions for everyone to follow along with. Nitro-Jen presents each of the experiments in short 3-5 minute video clips which automatically pause between experiments to provide as much time as you need to complete each one. Just log into your account, click the ‘activate now’ button and enter your Activation Code, to watch the videos in your web browser.

Beware, once you have activated the party, you’ll only have access to these exclusive instructional videos for 14 days. That should provide plenty of time to watch the videos before the party if you wish, or repeat experiments after the party has finished. But we don’t advise you to activate the party much more than 7 days in advance of the party date, so you’re sure to still have access on the day.

What happens when I activate the party?

You now have access to the exclusive science PARTY VIDEOS for 14 days

After this period, access to the page with the videos will become unavailable. This should provide you with plenty of time to watch the videos before the party if you wish, or repeat experiments after the party. To access the NEW exclusive video content page, log into your account and these PARTY VIDEOS will now be available to view when you go to your ‘My Account’  dashboard or from the Science Parties drop-down menu.

These step by step video clips will keep your mini scientists entertained with complete instructions for each experiment. Videos will automatically pause between experiments to provide breaks and you can rewind to watch anything you might have missed. Complete flexibility at your fingertips!

I’ve accidentally activated the party. What should I do?

If you’ve accidentally activated your party too early or need to extend your access to the video content for longer, then request a reactivation code. Log into your account, go to ‘My Party Events’, click on ‘ Go to Your Science Party’ and select the activate now button. Here you see button to request a reactivation code.

This will trigger an automated email to our team and we will be in contact to help you re-gain access shortly.

What do I do with the ‘Science Party in a Box’ after the party?

Here at Bright Sparks WE LOVE the idea of re-using equipment and passing on the passion for science to more people. So what better than to re-use, re-gift or refill the box? This product is eco-friendly as it is designed to be re-used and donated to someone else or repurposed double up as a 2-in-1 science kit and party bag so the children can continue to experiment at home. Either chose to pass the box to a new user or separate the equipment into individual science sets to provide luxury party bags for the guests which also become a science lab in a bag!


Simply distribute the science equipment from the box into party bags for the children to continue making science experiments at home. We call it a take-away ‘Science Lab in a Bag’! The children are sure to want to continue the fun at home so here’s some top experiments they can try with Nitro-Jen’s YouTube Channel

REGIFT IT – Pass it on

Know someone who could use the Party in a Box? Why not share the love of science and regift it to a friend, group or school? Refer a friend to us and we’ll provide them with a 15% discount on our refill box.

regift the party in a box by giving it to a friend, Scout or Girl guide group or even a school teacher so they can pass the fun on too.

REFILL IT – Buy refill supplies

Every Party in a Box is designed to be re-used or repurposed. When your party is complete, lots of the contents of the box can be used again but you might just need some refills. Why not buy refills for the Party in a Box so you can do the party all over again! We’ll even give you a 15% discount on our refill box for a limited time.