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October Holiday Science Camp in Woodstock

Begbroke Village Hall, 3 Begbroke Lane, Begbroke, OX5 1RN
Tuesday 27th to Thursday 29th October 2020, 9.00am-3.30pm
To make the camp COVID-19 secure, we are limiting number of attendees to 15 and require children to attend all three days to keep the bubble consistent.


£90 per child, for 3 day week (aged 5-11 years).

Children are to bring packed lunch with them.

All Holiday Camp Bookings will now be processed online
via Active Network.
Please see the link below to register!

COVID-19 Coronavirus Policy

Please carefully read the coronavirus policy and should you have any questions or wish to see further information on any of our policies or procedures please email events@brightsparksscience.co.uk

This Covid-19 policy will temporarily supersede all previous policies and is a working document that will be updated in line with current government guidance or directives in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, as the UK government releases new information.


Unfortunately in the current circumstances we cannot provide sibling discounts as the number of children attending the camp is limited and has been significantly reduced.


As we are an activity provider offering specific tuition to help children improve their scientific skills, we are exempt from being Ofsted registered and are therefore unfortunately unable to accept childcare vouchers.

Holiday Science Camps

Bright Sparks Events science holiday activities are designed to entertain primary school aged children during the school holidays. We provide a safe environment for practical investigations, so children can come along and experiment for themselves, take part in our science challenges and investigate how things work. With some great WOW demonstrartions too, it’ll be an unforgettable experience!


Each day at the holiday camp will have a different scientific theme, as outlined below. The order of the themes are subject to change.



Explore nature’s strangest animals! Take a closer look at the blobfish which looks more like a ball of slime than a living creature, find out why the naked mole rat is hairless, how the platypus adapted to live on both land and in water and which animals are capable of regrowing limbs! We’ve selected the oddest animals to study and will explore how these animals may have evolved their weird looks!
*No living animal specimens will be provided at this event!*

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Superheroes have interesting powers, from super strength and flight to invisibility and web-slinging. Come and investigate the underlying science behind their powers and design your own Superhero along the way!

Extraterrestrial Life-header


Let’s explore the possibility of finding lifeforms on other planets, design your own aliens and discover how microscopic lifeforms on Earth have adapted to the most extreme environments. Take a closer look at our solar system and decide for yourself if you think there could be life out there!