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Mega Bubbles

Everything you need to complete awesome bubble experiments at home.

Slime Science

Make perfect slime every time!

Rocket Science

Explore forces and make rockets

Build your own STEM day at home

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Bags of Science

At Bright Sparks, we love inspiring and entertaining your children with our dynamic range of science activities. Whether it is in our term time clubs or holiday camps, the best part of our job is to engage with children and watch them have FUN with science!

As experienced activity providers, we also understand how tricky it can be to keep children engaged for prolonged periods of time. So let us try and help you make the most of your time at home during the holidays.

As we know we can’t engage all children in person, we are bringing you a selection of Bright Sparks’ favourite experiments and activities to try at home, in your garden or whilst out on your daily exercise.

Here’s how we can to bring some of our favourite activities to your home:

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Science Kits

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Mini Science Kits

 One Simple and Quick experiment

Bath Bomb mini kit

Who doesn’t love to soak in the bath? Why not have a go at making your own bath bomb and discover the properties of each ingredient, adding some scientific fun to bath times! 


All ingredients included

This kit has everything you need to make a fizzing bath bomb and explains the science behind the bubbles! ??

Slime mini kit

It oozes between your fingers when you pick it up, yet doesn’t stick to your skin. At times it acts like a liquid, but at other times it appears to be a solid. What is this strange substance? ??

All ingredients included

Discover this non-Newtonian fluid and make your own slime with a chemical reaction ??

Sherbet mini kit

Make you own tongue tingling sherbet and discover the chemical reaction behind the fizz! One of the few science experiments that happens in your mouth for a tasty treat!


All ingredients included

This kit has everything you need to make a fizzing bath bomb and explains the science behind the bubbles! ??‍?

Bags Of Science

Themed bags with multiple Science Experiments

Air Pressure

Air is all around us taking up space, so let’s see what it can do. Use air to defy gravity, explore air resistance, discover forces and use air pressure to make a Cartesian diver ?☁️

4 Amazing Experiments

Kit Contents:

  1. Race a balloon powered car
  2. Craft a paper copter
  3. Try levitating a ball
  4. Make a cartesian diver

Cartesian Diver Toy

Squeezing the bottle causes the diver to sink. Releasing the pressure allows it to float back to the top of the bottle.


Whether you are curious about mechanics or like constructing contraptions, this kit will tap into the inventor in you! Complete 3 the technical challenges and practice basic mechanical construction ?‍♂️?‍♀️

All equipment included

Kit Contents:

  1. Create a Cotton Reel racer
  2. Build a Balloon Powered Car
  3. Construct a Catapult

3 designs to assemble

Assemble a catapult to launch pompoms, build a cotton reel racer and create your own balloon powered car.

Rainbow Light

Explore light at its brightest! Find out why we see rainbows in the sky, split apart light with a ‘prism’ you can wear, investigate ultraviolet light with invisible ink and make a UV reactive bracelet ?☀️

4 Illuminating Activities

Kit Contents:

  1. Diffraction glasses
  2. UV Secret message torch/pen
  3. Make a UV reactive bracelet
  4. Bubble liquid

Diffraction Glasses

These diffraction glasses do the same thing as a raindrop. The glasses have diffraction gratings, made from thousands of grooves that break up white light into all the rainbow colours.?

UV reactive bracelet

The UV reactive photochromic beads in the bracelet absorb the UV light from the sun and temporarily change colour from white to pink, purple, yellow or blue! ☀️

Science of Flight

Discover the dynamics of flight and find out how air resistance plays an important part. Explore how aeroplanes and helicopters fly and how a parachute works ✈️?

4 Flying Toys

Kit Contents:

  1. Glider plane
  2. Paratrooper
  3. Balloon Helicopter
  4. UFO Launcher

Rocket Science

Who wouldn’t want to go up to space in a rocket? These simple activities allow children to construct and fly small “indoor” rockets and study the science behind rocket stability 


4 Rockets to explore!

Kits inlcudes:

  1. Rocket balloon
  2. Finger flyer rocket
  3. Make a paper rocket
  4. Make a straw rocket

Construct a paper rocket

The paper stomp rocket help to explain forces and movement and are a great way to inspire future astronauts! ?‍??‍?

Glow in the Dark Science

A fun-filled kit that allows you to create amazing luminous science effects. Astound your friends and family as you explore 3 glowing experiments that really shine when the lights go out! ?

3 Glowing Experiments

Kit contents:

  • Sparking space gun
  • Light up spinner
  • Glow sticks

Science of Sound

Uncover the magic of music and turn up the volume. Discover how sounds are made and why symphonies are simply superb. Find out how sound travels and how we can change it to make music by making your own instruments ??

Includes 4 activities

Kit Contents:

  1. Giggle stick
  2. Screaming balloon
  3. Instraw-ments
  4. Sound sandwich

Sounds like music

Find out how sound travels and how we can change it to make music by making your own instruments, including a screaming balloon, instraw-ment and sound sandwich.

Balancing Science

Do you usually fall over when you are walking? Is it easy to balance? What do we do to keep our balance? Explore the forces that affect your balance, discover centre of gravity ?‍♂️?‍♀️

Explore balance with these craft makes

Kit contents:

  • Balancing clown
  • CD spinning top

Explore balance with these craft makes

Kit contents:

  • Balancing clown
  • CD spinning top

Spy Science

Be a secret agent for the and find out how a cryptographer can hide and decode secret messages. Everything you need to be a spy is in here! ?️‍♂️?

Write secret messages

Kit contents:

  • Complete your own ID badge
  • Make a secret message decoder wheel
  • Use invisible ink pens to write top secret messages.

Animal Science

Take a closer look at the animal kingdom and see how some evolved differently to communicate,  adapted to be camouflaged or even walk up walls! ?????

Explore the animal kingdom

Kit contents:

  • Animal mask
  • Warbling bird whistle
  • Duck Caller
  • Sticky insect wall climber
  • Bug skin transfer

Forces & Friction

What forces make the world go around? This is an entertaining introduction to the basic concepts of forces. Explore opposing forces, centripetal force, friction and gravity. 

4 wow experiments

Kit contents:

  • Hover ball
  • Woven spring boink
  • Finger trap
  • Up-side down flip over spinning top.

Super Structures

Is your house shaped like a spider? We thought not! With this structural session your mini scientist will understand what shapes make a building stable by designing and building their very own structure and creative dome. 

4 wow experiments

Kit contents:

  • Hover ball
  • Woven spring boink
  • Finger trap
  • Up-side down flip over spinning top.

Large Science Kits

A complete set of equipment to explore your favourite sciences

Kitchen Chemistry Kit

All the equipment you need to make your way into the world of chemistry! Explore, paper chromatography, crystals, popping candy, pH testing, fizzing sherbet, density stacking and so much more!


Complete set of equipment

Kit contents:

  • A pair of goggles

  • 1ml & 3ml pipettes

  • 100ml beaker

  • petri dish

  • book of pH strips

  • filter paper

  • crystal solution

  • fizz wiz poppy candy

Mega Bubble Kit

Soap bubbles are the most fun off all bubbles and they are an inexpensive and limitless way to explore a bubbly world. This kit contains everything you need to compare normal bubbles with giant ones, bounce bubbles on your hand, blow un-popable bubbles and even make a square bubble!

Endless fun with bubbles

Kit contents:

  • Touchable bubbles
  • Bubble tube with wand
  • Conc. Giant Bubble mix
  • Magic gloves
  • Make a cube bubble wand

Science Rocks!

3-in-1 activity kit investigating Gemstones, Minerals and Fossils. Includes FREE bonus erupting volcano experiment! A lava-ly gift for young geologists!

3-in-1 with FREE BONUS

Kit contents:

  • Discover Minerals
  • Discover Fossils
  • Discover Gemstones
  • Volcano template
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Citric acid
  • Instructions

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Our pick ‘n’ mix bags of science, are a great way of getting a collection of science activities together by choosing a number of different bags of science, that can help keep your child occupied. Each kit comes with full instructions and a link to exclusive YouTube videos, so there’s plenty of help to guide you through the science behind each activity. This is an easy way for your children to continue with a science week at home.

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